Happy Ending Massage in Nairobi

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Happy Ending Massage Services in NairobiHappy ending massage is a service offered by adult massage parlours in Nairobi. The experience typically includes sensual massage aimed at making the client achieve sexual climax (orgasm). Happy ending massage is sometimes known as erotic or tantric massages, but can also include other sexual acts such as blowjob, sex and girlfriend experience.

There are many reasons why people want happy-ending massages. These reasons might include:

  • To experience increased intimacy with their partner 
  • Hoping for an escape from the daily grind of life
  • A break from a boring sexual life to make them feel renewed and invigorated

How to find happy-ending massage parlours?

There are a lot of happy-ending massage parlours in Nairobi. Most have sexy ladies who have been trained to provide the best sensual services to male and female clients. To find such massage parlours near you, just head over to google and search for something like “happy ending massage in Nairobi”. You can replace the city name with the name of your location. Alternatively, you can search “happy ending massage near me” and make sure your smartphone’s geolocation feature is turned on.

Another way to find happy-ending massage services in Nairobi or other major towns is to check the best escort websites in Kenya for listings. Most adult massage spas that offer happy-ending services to their clients advertise on such escort sites. You can then get in touch using the contact details you see. Most are open 7 days a week and provide discreet professional services.

Happy ending massage services in Nairobi

There are many services you can enjoy after a sensual massage with a sexy girl or handsome gentleman in Nairobi. The services you get depend on your gender and sexual preferences. Common happy-ending services in Nairobi massage parlours include:

  • Handjob – This is a massage technique in which the masseuse gently and sensually kneads the genitals until one reaches ejaculation or even longer. It may include the use of a warming oil on the genitals making the whole experience more pleasurable.
  • Fingering – This is a sensual service female clients enjoy. It involves sensual massage of the vaginal with specific emphasis on the stimulation of the clitoris. The stimulation can be done by hand and can as well involve the use of tools such as vibrators. Some clients may need deeper penetration which calls for the use of dildos.
  • GFE – Girlfriend experience is a sensual service that includes anything from food to massage and sensual entertainment. If you’re looking for something new, yet sensual, this is a great option for you. Not only does it allow for your partner to pamper you, but it’s also something both of you can enjoy together — nothing lowers the barrier of entry into sex like something that makes your partner feel like they are giving back.
  • Blowjob – This is a sensual erotic service that involves the sucking of the penis until the male client achieves orgasm and ejaculates. Most escorts in Nairobi will prefer to offer protected blowjob services after an erotic massage.
  • Pussy licking – This involves licking and/or “eating” the pussy. It happens after massage and fingering and leads to intense clitoral stimulation that will definitely end in the lady achieving an orgasm.

It’s important to note that these are not the only happy-ending massage services Nairobi ladies and adult spas provide. Feel free to inquire about any services you might be interested in.

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